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Talent Scraper was designed by executive talent acquisition experts, researches and talent sourcing professionals for the recruitment industry. It’s been a collective effort with contributions being made by recruiters in Singapore, India, USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and South Africa. Now you have access to a people aggregator designed by people like you, for you. Using automated Boolean search strings you will be able to search for any skill visible in the public domain; this includes thesis’s, articles and open resumes. This is our gift to the recruitment industry. We know you will enjoy it!

3.6 Billion candidates to choose from


Social Media Sourcing

Use publicly accessible social media profiles to find any talent imaginable. Drill down from city/town to skills and qualification. Compare search terms to ensure no scarce skill is left behind


Deep Search

Deep Search uses the internet to locate impossible to find candidates. By searching through PHD thesis’s, articles and open resumes you are now able to successfully find hidden candidates.



Our Candidate Relationship Management tool will help you manage your search process and keep track of status updates and candidate evaluation.


talent sourcing using major social media, news feeds and deep search

Drilling down to find the exact talent you need to fill that vacancy has never been easier

join the thousands of recruiters who use Talent Scraper daily!


find contact information for up to 98% of your candidate leads

By simply identifying a potential candidate you can build a profile rich with all their social media profiles, career history and contact information. This means that you will have a 360 degree view of the candidate before engaging with them, thus making it easier to qualify a candidate.


New Arrival: TOP 100

We asked a simple question. What if Talent Scraper could find the TOP 100 candidates for any search and present them in an order that improves your search efficiency? Imagine that an algorithm could allow profiles to compete against each other for the top spot. We are proud to say that TOP 100 has finally arrived!


artificial intelligence: A.I. keeps you on track

As a virtual people aggregator with indirect access to 3.6 billion people you will be overwhelmed with potential candidates. To help you stay focused on relevant skills and experience, Talent Scraper deploys A.I. This unique feature is designed to ensure that you only view the most relevant search matches. You are prompted to recapture your search criteria when divergence occurs, thus saving time, improving efficiency and maximizing ROI.


Be a recruitment rockstar

we have the social media recruitment tool that changes the way you recruit forever!


Contact Finder

Talent Scraper will find contact numbers for your target candidates whilst still respecting their privacy, thus ensuring your credibility and peace of mind.


Email Finder

Finding and verifying work email address for your candidates has never been easier. Talent Scraper will find work email addresses at a click of a button.


Talent Pool

All shortlisted candidates are saved on your internal database with contact details, notes and other important information for future reference.


it all comes together

Now you can discreetly search billions of public profiles globally. From Java Developers to Rocket Scientists, from CEOs to Engineer you could have access to them all. Make contact and successfully fill that vacancy! Furthermore, you can include multiple recruitment channels. By including social media and deep search channels you are able to maximize the efficiency of our people aggregator and ensure that your approach is highly focused and relative.


game changing talent sourcing tool

Source talent and manage candidates across social media and the open web. Access more sources and candidates at the same time than ever before. Boost your talent pipelines and have access to more relevant and unique candidates than any job boards can give you.


Speed, Contact Info, Convenience


“3 x” the contacts info

We offer the most comprehensive contact finding application available on the market today. Talent Scraper offers 3 distinct contact finders in one application giving you a 98% hit rate!


Connect and leave notes

Now you can connect via email, phone numbers and message directly via social media IM platforms to your favorite candidates. You can also make notes and track historic candidate activity.


Agile Project Management

Manage all your vacancies in an Agile environment. Ensure that you are always aware of the progress stage a vacancy or candidate might be in and manage your sourcing like a project management pro!


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